About us 

We are an Australian-owned company with more than 25 years of experience in design, manufacture, sales, service, and hiring of weighing scales and weighing automation systems. We specialize in Industrial, medical and retail scales and weighing equipment. We also provide 24hour/ 7day service to Victoria and throughout Australia. We are the only scale company to provide a Test and tag service with all our servicing and maintenance in accordance with AS/NZ 3760. Having been accredited to ISO 9001/2000, our maintenance programs and schedules are the best in the industry with automated reporting etc…. 

Situated in the Geographical Centre of Melbourne, Mitcham and a free call number for service, we are able to come to you promptly and serve you with minimum disruption and minimum cost to your business. We are proud to be Australian-owned and do things the Australian WEIGH. Universal Weighing… it's not just what we do… it is also what we stand for… 


As per ISO 9001-2000 standard, all the departments such as marketing, service, production, stores, fabrication, accounts and administration have precise input and output. We also follow a simplified but so productive system which is used by some of the major successful companies known as 7-SIM. This enables us to identify, implement and manage our business and make sure our suppliers are able to supply the highest quality products and components we require. At Universal Weighing, we are small enough to hear you & big enough to serve you.

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